Are you ready to live where others vacation? Laguna Beach is ready for you. This Southern California beach town has extremely gorgeous coastline views, fantastic dining, a vibrant arts and culture scene, miles of picture-perfect sand and clean beaches, and year-round decent weather averaging 70 degrees.

Overview Of Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, California, is famous for its magnificent beaches. The city is one of the smallest in Orange, CA, with a population of about 23,000.

A fun fact about this city is that it is regarded as the origin of skimboarding, thus living in Laguna Beach is great for individuals who prefer water-based leisure activities. Another interesting fact is that the Laguna Beach Theatre is the West Coast’s oldest operational theatre.

What Is It Like Living in Laguna Beach?

If you want to purchase Laguna Beach homes for sale, the median price is $2,975,000. Laguna Beach real estate experts Domaine Luxury Properties claim that these homes typically remain on the market for 44 days. The median sale prices for single-family homes and condos are $3,403,000 and $2,650,000, respectively.

Townhouses in the Laguna Beach region sell for, on average, $795,000, which makes them less costly than single-family homes. If you are not prepared to purchase a home, consider one of the many Laguna Beach, CA, apartments for rent.

What Is the Cost of Living in Laguna Beach?

Laguna Beach’s cost of living is 50% more than the national average. For many American households, the biggest expense is generally housing.

The median property price in Laguna Beach is $2,537,500, while the average monthly rent is $2,957. Compared to the national average, housing costs are 504% more in Laguna Beach. Groceries, such as dry goods, produce, and other necessities, are 11% more expensive in Laguna Beach.

Although healthcare expenses in Laguna Beach are 1% lower than the national average, expenditures vary substantially depending on region, individual, and health insurance. An optometrist check-up costs about $131.71 in Laguna Beach, whereas a dentist appointment costs about $117.80.

What Can You Do In Laguna Beach?

Laguna Beach offers a diverse set of activities, from dining at delectable restaurants to touring one of the numerous parks. There are seven museums in Laguna, so ensure you put the Laguna Historical Society, Laguna Art Museum, and Townley Gallery on your list of places to visit.

No Square Theatre and Laguna Playhouse are among the numerous performing arts venues to visit. The city is also renowned for its green spaces and parks, such as Crescent Bay Point Park, Crystal Cove State Park, and Heisler Park, to name a few.

Throughout the city, there are numerous restaurants and up-and-coming eateries. Stop by Studio – Laguna Beach Restaurant, Splashes Restaurant, and Stand Natural Food Restaurant to get a taste of everything this city has to offer.

How Should You Travel Around Laguna Beach?

The best way to navigate Laguna Beach is by automobile, but there are other ways to travel around the area.

If you want to explore the city on foot, Laguna Beach has a 43 walk score, which is not that convenient.

Another way to travel around Laguna Beach is through public means. With a 32 transit score, you will hardly find any public transportation in this coastal city.

Biking is also not the best way to move around the city, as the bike score of 24 proves there is little to no infrastructure for cycling.

Work With Domaine Luxury Properties To Find Your Dream Laguna Beach Home!

With its vibrant community and beautiful weather, what is there not to like about Laguna Beach? Living where other people vacation is simply one of the area’s major attractions. Contact Domaine Luxury Properties if you are seeking a reliable and knowledgeable real estate agent to help you move.