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Renovating Your House: How To Beautify Your Home


Would you like to renovate your house and give it a new shine? So that the project for your property works precisely the way you want it to, it should, of course, be carefully planned. Therefore, in this little guide and also with the help remodeling services like remodeling services in Huston for instance, we provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to renovate your home.

  1. House Renovation: Get An Overview

There is a lot to do before the renovation can begin. So, first of all, you should make a plan for all of the jobs you want to do. If you rely on the following three rules, you will have a complete overview of the upcoming house renovation:

No Start Of Construction Without Well-Founded Planning:

Which rooms need modernization, and which areas in your home already look perfect? Make a detailed map of all the corners of your home that need to be touched up as part of the renovation.

Repairing Damage Always Has Priority:

Problems such as leaky windows or dripping radiators should always be dealt with before the cosmetic tasks by expert like those in Home addition services in Houston for instance. Because only with a well-functioning basis, purely optical house renovation work makes sense. After all, interior work is a wasted effort when the walls have to be torn open again to lay pipes.

Renovation Work Is Done From The Outside In:

First, start with the projects you need to do on the facade of your home and work your way into the interiors little by little. This way you can be sure that you don’t have to do any of the work twice.

  1. Renovation Or Refurbishment – What Is Your Intention?

Would you like to renovate your house or instead refurbish it? Again, and again these two terms are interchanged. So that you can be sure which work you are dealing with, we explain here what the two expressions mean.

To renovate means to restore something. If an insulation layer in the masonry has been damaged over the years and shows defects, this can be repaired. If the old insulation layer is exchanged – for an almost comparable model or replaced in places – one speaks of renovation.

Refurbishment, on the other hand, means renewal. The same example as before: The damaged insulation is replaced and replaced by a more modern, better insulation. This not only eliminates the error but also increases value and quality.

  1. Analyze The Condition Of The House

Before you can decide whether you want to refurbish or renovate your house, an inventory of the current condition of your property is necessary. During your tour, make sure that not all damage and defects can be seen at first glance. Even a layperson will immediately recognize problems such as a leaky roof, damaged floor, or moisture on walls and ceilings.

If you have bought an old house, you should also have the water pipes, the heating system, or any damage under the floor and wallpaper checked. After your inspection, make a list of all the damage you want to fix to your home. So, you immediately have a rough overview and can better estimate both the costs and the duration of your renovation or refurbishment.

  1. The Planning: What Is Being Renovated Or Refurbished?

But be careful: completely refurbishing an old building or even just renovating it is usually not worthwhile. Buying a new building is much more lucrative here. So, pay close attention to funding before starting your project. For example, when taking stock, focus on:

  • Windows, doors, floors
  • top, roof
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Insulation, insulation, and masonry
  • The heating system and heating technology
  • Painting and wallpapering
  • Electrics


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