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A Guide to Buying Wooden Interior Shutters


Window shutter blinds add an attractive touch to a home’s interior and exterior at the same time. In different parts of the world, mainly in Southern Europe and the Caribbean, wooden shutters serve a practical purpose. Shutters screen windows at night and in bad weather to keep out insects or cool air. They can be left open and fastened in place to let daylight and the sun into a home throughout the day. These functions are especially important in homes without central heating or air conditioning.

In many UK homes, shutters are installed more as accent items or adornments than working window covers. Shutters may cover the home’s most expansive windows to reserve energy, those on the front of the house, the side windows as the front, or every window in the house.

Shutters typically correlate with a home’s design to create an individual style in its presentation. For example, you can buy shutters with slats or those in a single panel. See for samples. Here are some points to contemplate when choosing shutters for a home.

  1. Does the home’s exterior paintwork or panelling match available shutters? If so, consider working with these to resemble the existing design. If not, check with the shutter company for advice about the type of shutter blinds that will go with your present exterior. You may be able to look online or view samples at a shop. Some shops supply references from former customers who have bought the same shutters, and you may be able to ask them about the purchase or drive by their homes to see them in place.
  2. Choose a coordinating layout and colour. Popular styles are made from wood and composite wood, along with other materials, so find out what’s possible, along with the advantages of each.
  3. Compare characteristics to find shutter blinds that suit your home’s design and construction. Some shutters have two panels, while others have four. Slatted shutters are popular, but keep in mind these can accumulate dirt and may need more cleaning than single panels. Even when operational window shutters are not required, some people prefer to install them for the effect on their home’s appearance.
  4. Find out all you can about the product’s quality. Ask the salesperson about each product’s durability. Also, ask about cleaning different shutter types and if you need special cleaning items. You might also want to know about unusual conditions afflicting specific goods. For instance, some wood shutters may tend to get dry rot, termites, or other wood-associated issues.

What are the best shutter blinds? The best kind are affordable, easy to install and offer the most outstanding security. Which of these features is most significant depends on individual situations. It may be ease of installation for a disabled or older person with either an automatic closing mechanism or accordion-type window shutters. Plywood shutters could be the only affordable choice for those with restricted incomes.

With today’s evolving global climate and the increase of storm frequency, some homes in some areas of the world are advised to equip themselves with window shutters to prevent damage to their properties.


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