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4 Reasons Why Choosing to Buy Quince Tree is a Good Idea


If you’re trying to think of something a little different for your garden, consider the idea of adding a quince tree or two. The fruit is often used for preparing jellies and jams, as well as using it in all sorts of pastries. You can buy quince tree online and have it delivered directly to your door. If this sounds like a good idea, consider some of the benefits that come with having this type of tree around. 

A Self-Pollinating Choice

Some fruit trees require cross-pollination to thrive. That means you will need at least two in order for them to grow and bear fruit. That’s not true with a quince tree. It’s possible to purchase a single tree enjoy plenty of fruit as the years pass. 

Quince trees are what’s known as self-pollinating. This makes them a good choice for an area where you really can’t plant many trees. See it as a great way to add something of interest to a corner of the back yard. When the tree blooms, the flowers will look great, and things will only get better as the fruit begins to develop. 

A Tree That Adapts Well To Varying Conditions

Quince trees do need plenty of direct sunlight, but they adapt well to a number of settings. They can adapt to both wet and dry soil, although the best results take place in soil that drains well. Making sure the soil is properly nourished won’t be difficult, since simple additives will do the job nicely. 

One thing to keep in mind is that quince trees do need room to grow. If you plan on adding several trees, make sure they are spaced a minimum of ten feet apart. Fifteen feet would be best if at all possible. As to temperature, anything from moderate to tropical is likely to work fine. 

Fruit in Five Years or Less

There are fruit trees that take a long time to bear the first round of fruit. In fact, the quince tree itself can take time, especially if you begin with seeds instead of a developed tree that’s a couple of feet high. Starting with seeds could mean up to five years before you see the first fruit. 

If you buy quince tree that’s ready for planting, things will move along much faster. It may take no more than a couple of years for the first fruit to appear. Keep in mind that the tree may produce blooms that don’t last before finally having a year when the blooms develop and fruit follows. 

Only Needs Pruning While Dormant

There are some varieties of fruit trees that require pruning during the growing season. That’s not something you will need to do with a quince tree. In fact, you don’t want to prune at that time. Doing so could adversely affect the amount of fruit that develops.

Instead, plan on pruning when the tree goes dormant just before winter. Once the foliage is gone, that’s the time to remove any branches of limbs, or seek to trim the tree to a lesser height. Doing so at that time will allow for new growth in the spring, and increase the odds of enjoying a great crop. 

Now is the time to learn more about quince trees. Read up on the care and nurture of the trees, and you may decide they are just what your grounds need. 

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