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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Packaging Tape


When it comes to choosing the right packaging tape, there are a surprising number of factors that can influence the decision. There are many different tape dispensers available on the market, and the right one for your needs will depend on whether you’re using the tape for commercial applications, such as packaging a high volume of boxes and satchels for an eCommerce website, or for personal applications, such as taping moving boxes. This article will go over four tips for choosing the right packaging tape.

Consider What You’ll Be Packing

Different tapes and tape dispensers are better suited for different materials. For example, if you’re packaging delicate items, you’ll want to use tape that isn’t too abrasive on the surface of the item. You’ll also want to consider whether the item or box you’re taping will need to be sealed tightly to prevent opening during transit. In most cases, packaging tape should be durable enough to keep your boxes and items sealed but delicate enough that it won’t damage the box or cause tearing when being removed. However, some special cases may warrant the use of heavy-duty grip tape or PVC tape to highlight certain areas of the item for safety reasons.

Know the Weight of Your Items

It should go without saying that heavier items will need stronger tape to keep them securely in place. You could attempt to use standard packaging tape for this purpose, but layering a thin tape heavily will usually only lead to wastage and inferior fastening during transit. Fortunately, there are many heavy-duty tapes and tape dispensers made specifically for securing bulky items. In some cases, anti-slip tape can even be used to stop items from sliding around in boxes during transit, granted that they’re adequately packaged and fastened.

Think About the Environment the Tape is Being Used For

If you’re packaging items for storage in a humid environment, you’ll want to use tape that won’t be affected by the moisture. If moisture seeps into the tape used to seal a box or item, this moisture will likely drip onto any items that are secured inside. This can cause the items to become damaged or discoloured, and depending on their value, could lead to costly replacements or refunds. Ideally, you wouldn’t store your valuable packages and boxes in types of environments where moisture is apparent, but if you have no other choice, make sure the tape you use to seal your boxes or containers can effectively absorb or even repel moisture. This can save you a lot of time, stress and money in the long term.

Accurately Assess Size & Shape

Different tapes are better suited for different sized and shaped items. For example, if you’re packaging irregularly shaped items, you’ll want to use tape that can conform to the shape of the item whilst still providing adequate protection. Most tapes found inside packaging tape dispensers are manufactured with this purpose in mind, being able to conform to even the most awkwardly shaped boxes and containers.

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