If you need more space at home, you need to think about the best ways of getting this space, and homeowners across the UK have several choices. During the COVID-19 lockdown, many people realised that they didn’t have the space they required, with 12% of British households having no outdoor access to private or shared gardens, according to the Office of National Statistics. This is why it has become more essential than ever to look for ways of being able to create more space in and around the home. 

If you are a British homeowner looking to enjoy more space at home, there are two common options you’ll need to consider, and they are building a conservatory, or moving house. Try to make sure you do the best you can to make the right decision, and figure out the pros and cons of each of these potential options. So let’s check out each, and try to determine which is the right choice for you:

Build a Conservatory

Conservatories are a common way of extending your home in the UK, and they are popular due to the fact they are easier and less stressful than a traditional extension. A recent government report revealed 85% of Brits are considering a hybrid working model post-pandemic, and this is something conservatories can help with – let’s look at the pros and cons. 


There are several advantages homeowners will experience when they are looking to build a conservatory, and one of the biggest is that it provides more space, and more light. Expanding your home is one of the key ways of making it more comfortable, and finding the right conservatory to transform your home will provide a light, bright, and welcoming space. 

Another positive element of building a conservatory to create more space is that it can add value to your home. According to stats reported by SEHBAC, a conservatory can increase the value of your UK home by up to 5%. 


But installing a conservatory is not without its drawbacks, and understanding what these are is essential. Temperature regulation is one of the key ones, and this is something that is incredibly hard to manage. 

Another drawback is that in some cases you might be required to apply for planning permission in order to build your conservatory, which adds plenty of red tape, and causes more stress and cost.

Move House

The alternative option is to move house, and this is something a lot of people are considering in 2022. However, with Nationwide Building Society reporting that the price of a home has increased 15% since 2020, people need to think hard about where and when they want to move. Here are some of the pros and cons of moving house:


Moving house comes with several advantages, one of the key ones being you are able to start afresh and choose exactly the home you want. Selecting a larger, more spacious place to meet your needs is important, and by moving you will be able to get that. The market is also fluctuating right now, so it is possible to get a home for a lower price than you might normally expect to. 


Of course, there are drawbacks to moving as well, such as the fact you may be required to leave the area you live in, and you might not want to do that. Furthermore, there are a lot of costs that play a part in any house move, as well as the stress of packing and actually moving. Building a conservatory would be a much cheaper, less stressful, and more accessible option for creating more space at home.