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Aspects of Commercial Building Design for best result


Designing a commercial space is entirely different from designing a house or residential building. There are many factors to be considered and complied with within the construction of an office or an industry.

Even though architects do the same job of designing and giving a visual representation of the project after its completion, the parameters involved are very different for residential and commercial spaces. Fortunately, reputed firms like commercial architects Stendel Reich have the facility to assist you in both cases.

Some of the major factors that affect the design of commercial space are as follows:

  • Environmental compliance
  • Safety
  • Socio-cultural background
  • Time
  • Budget

Meeting all the above factors is not such an easy task. It requires experienced architects to successfully complete a commercial design on time and within budget constraints.

Environmental compliance

Right from the acquisition of land to disposal of the by-products, there are many environmental laws and regulations to be followed while designing an office or an industry. A commercial space, whether it’s a lab or an office, or a Mall, will have some form of waste or by-products being expelled. All that should be included in the design so as to get approval from the government bodies regulating environmental concerns.


The safety of the people who will be working in a commercial building is entirely dependent on the design of the building. The architect drafting the design of commercial space should give primary and utmost priority to the safety of the building above all other factors.

Socio-cultural background

Certain industries and offices might not be in sync with the cultural heritage or the social setting of a certain region. Only after a deep study of the region where the building is going to be constructed should the design team decide on an idea to be implemented. This can be beneficial in the long run as it will only help in reducing rework and unnecessary waste of time.


Just like in any other project, time is of the essence in the design of commercial space. Failure to deliver a quality design on time can result in the overall delay of the project. This will mean a lot of money and resources going to waste.


Budget control should be implemented in the design of commercial space to save money and resources in the future. All the subsequent activities depend on the design provided by your architecture team.

In short, it is best to consult an expert architecture firm to design the commercial space of your choice so that there is success in the overall execution of your project.

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