Custom vanities | Vanderloc offer you many options and are an excellent way to get the look you want. While you can choose from a wide range of options, you will want to ensure that your vanity is completely unique. A semi-custom vanity can offer a wide selection, but it won’t be as specific as a custom one. By completing the customization process, you can get an entirely unique vanity that will be perfectly suited to your tastes and bathroom design.

Cost of semi-custom bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities are available in many different styles and sizes. Some are custom-made, and some are semi-custom. Custom-made vanities are far more expensive than semi-custom options. Semi-custom vanities can be designed to fit odd spaces. Some may take less time to complete.

Semi-custom bathroom vanities are not as costly as custom-made ones, but they are still more expensive than stock vanities. The main advantage to semi-custom vanities is that you can modify them to fit your specific needs and design preferences. For example, you can add a U-shaped sliding shelf above your sink, or add a sink basket pull-out. You can also add a tall narrow linen cabinet to your guest bedroom.

The cost of a vanity depends on the style and materials that you choose. For example, a vanity with six door knobs will cost around $60. Another component of the cost is the vanity countertop. It can cost anywhere from $80-180 per square foot, depending on the type of countertop. You can also choose a man-made material like laminate or engineered quartz for a lower price.

Common misconceptions about semi-custom bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities come in many shapes and styles, from the traditional painted wooden vanity with cabinet doors to modern ones with high-gloss countertops and pull-out drawers. You can even get a custom vanity made out of an old dresser, which is ideal for incorporating vintage decor into your bathroom. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look, your vanity should have a matching finish to your sink and faucet.

Some of the benefits of semi-custom bathroom vanities include the cost and convenience. While the average vanity cabinet is approximately 30 inches wide, double vanities are typically 60 to 72 inches wide. You can also find vanity cabinets with narrower depths. Vanity cabinets that are just 15 inches wide still offer ample storage. You can also choose the size of the countertops based on your design needs. Some decorators prefer to have a countertop that extends all the way from wall to wall.

Semi-custom vanities can help you save money on the installation process. Although they are slightly more expensive than standard stock vanities, they are still cheaper than custom cabinets. In fact, they may take less time to complete.

Benefits of custom bathroom vanities

Custom bathroom vanities are designed for your bathroom’s unique dimensions and design taste. While you can purchase premade bathroom vanities, they may not suit your needs perfectly. By having your vanity custom-made, you can get exactly the dimensions, design style, and finish that you need. You can also customize your vanity to match the existing finishes of your home.

Custom vanities are often more expensive than semi-custom options, but they will be built to your specifications. If your space is tight, consider semi-custom cabinets instead. These are available in a variety of door fronts and depths and are less expensive than custom options. However, it is important to know that semi-custom vanities aren’t as customizable as custom vanities.

Custom vanities have many benefits for homeowners. A customized vanity takes into consideration the dimensions of your bathroom to maximize storage space. If possible, your custom vanity will run edge-to-edge across the wall. This will give your bathroom a clean, professional look. Custom vanity designs can also incorporate additional storage space, like drawers or shelves. Having extra countertop space can also be a benefit when it comes to storing makeup.




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