One of the most rewarding aspects of parenting is watching your children running and playing with the unbridled abandon that only children possess. A properly-designed backyard playground provides this place for enjoyment of both parents and children, as well as friends and also their parents.

With so many types of backyard playgrounds to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your house and family.

Artificial grass has got the benefit of resembling grass without the use of toxic fertilizers or weed killers. Your children will not be exposed to dangerous carcinogens in your yard if you use artificial grass, particularly for your play area.

Go-Turf is one professional company located in Houston, Texas that is an innovator of fake grass landscaping and installation since 2005. 

The usage of synthetic grass reduces waste as well. It is generally made of various recycled materials that keep wastes out of landfills and reduces the amount of water used for grass maintenance.

These artificial grass can offer several benefits as a playground for your kids.

Safety for your backyard playgrounds

When your children return home from their school or activities, it is critical that they have a clean, safe place to play. Backyard playground grass provides a smooth landing area for them as they jump or dive. Kids can have fun while parents relax on the safe playground turf.


The most essential part of backyard playground turf is the effect it has on the children that play there. A muddy, bumpy yard can always be a tripping danger, with some paths prone to wear and ruts. Artificial grass is neatly laid over a prepared and leveled surface.

It is also soft! Additional fall prevention is provided by structural padding beneath the turf. This makes it ideal for use beneath a swing set or monkey bars. Also, artificial grass is a good option for the issue area beneath a trampoline.

Low maintenance

It can take hours each week to keep your grassy backyard area in playable shape. High grass irritates children’s ankles and serves as a breeding place for mosquitos. Mowing is a wonderful start, but edging in around playrooms and swing sets is also a consideration.

The time spent in maintaining any artificial lawn is significantly reduced because it does not require watering or manicure. The antimicrobial turf simply requires light rinsing and a spot check for debris on a regular basis.

Artificial turf will not pull up

The seams must be unnoticeable if installed correctly, and your child should not twist their ankle when running through the grass.

Artificial grass is quite safe

Also, if your children face-plant during any backyard ball game, then they will sustain no more damage than if they were playing on natural grass.

Artificial grass can easily be padded

In case your child falls (which, let’s face it, happens always), the padding beneath the turf can protect them from injuries.

Playground turf is always easy on your eyes

Artificial grass can be more appealing and realistic than ever before. It’s not the same Easter basket grass as in the past.