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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?


Carpets can provide warmth and comfort for your feet whether they are put on top of hardwood, tile, or subflooring. However, your rugs (and also carpets, for that matter) require cleaning, occasionally extensive cleaning, just like practically everything else in the house.

Bluegrass Cleaning is a company that offers cleaning services for Lexington KY for carpets and rugs of your home and office. The following are a few reasons why your carpets need a thorough professional cleaning. 

  • It can help in increasing the carpet’s life.
  • Airborne pollutants trapped on the carpet need to be removed for protecting both the carpet and also indoor air quality.
  • When you will keep your carpet thoroughly vacuumed, all the dry soils will be removed so that maintenance becomes much easier.
  • Carpet cleaning will remove spots and stains, which may attract more soil.
  • Most soiling carpets will build up bacteria and allergens that are unhealthy. Cleaning can prevent such contaminants.
  • A very well-cleaned carpet enhances the overall aesthetics of the room.
  • Regular cleaning can help in removing bed bugs and also dust mites
  • Carpet manufacturers also require that carpets be cleaned annually so that their warranty can be maintained.

Generally, carpets must be cleaned after every 12 to 18 months, although depending on a number of conditions, it may be wise to do so more or less frequently. Your lifestyle, the carpet type, and the environmental factors your carpets are exposed to will all play a role.

To decide how often you should clean your carpet, you must do the following to decide.

Monitor your allergies

Have your allergies started to get worse? This is a telltale sign that your carpet needs a thorough cleaning. Another sign that your carpet requires your care is the presence of odor, discoloration, or other noticeable stain.

Bravo if you consistently remember to remove your shoes at the door! But a lot of homeowners frequently forget and trample the carpet with dirt and bacteria from their shoes. That can lead to an accumulation of dirt that weakens the fibers of your carpet as well as harbor toxins that can also make you ill. 

Because of this, vacuuming is necessary at least two times a week to get rid of any bacteria that are on the surface. Try to get full steam cleaning every 6 months or, at the very least, once a year to really permeate the carpet.

Follow a certain schedule

Try to have a professional clean your carpets frequently. This is made easier by creating a schedule. It is ideal to clean your home 1 – 3 times per year, depending on the number of people living there and also how sensitive are you to odor.

A youthful family of 5 with 2 dogs and a youngster with allergies in a home of a 1,500-square-foot area won’t need a thorough cleaning as frequently as a senior couple with a 2,800-square-foot home and no pets.

Based on how roughly you are using your carpet, you need to decide how often you need to get your carpet professionally cleaned.  

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