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Keep Yourself Tick-Free With These Tips!


Ticks are flat, blood-sucking critters who thrive in tall grasses and shrubs. They usually feed on the blood of mammals and live in the greens waiting for their next host. Ticks get worse in the summer season, so you might want to prepare yourself for the hot months in San Antonio.

Not only are these pests annoying and itchy, but they also transmit a number of bacterial infections and diseases. Some tick-borne diseases include Lyme disease, spotted fever, hepatitis, tularemia, and encephalitis. If you suspect you have a tick problem, speak to San Antonio pest control today. 

Tips to keep yourself tick-free

  • Wear proper clothing when walking outside. 

Whenever you are out on a walk around tall grasses and shrubs and other places where ticks can be found, make sure you wear clothing that covers up your body properly. Choosing clothes made of smooth material, such as satin or silk, is recommended as they are difficult for ticks to climb. No matter how hot it might be outside, wearing shorts is a no-no. 

  • Use a strong insect repellent. 

It is true that strong insect repellents are not the best for your skin and health. In fact, they can have certain negative effects on your body too. However, if it is the only thing that can protect you from ticks when you are outside, then you might as well use it. After all, the risk of acquiring a disease from ticks is greater than the risk of repellents. 

  • Do regular tick checks on yourself, your children, and your pets. 

One thing about ticks is that if it is on one household member, it won’t take time to spread to the others. One way to ensure your family remains tick-free is by checking your pet’s fur for these pesky critters. If your pets have ticks, you and your children may also have them. Use a comb meant for removing ticks (you can easily find one in the market) and regularly comb your and your children’s hair with it. This will keep the ticks in check. 

  • Treat your pet’s accessories with repellent. 

It is easy for ticks to invade your house when your pet goes out for a walk and runs into the bushes. To ensure they do not bring in uninvited guests, treat your pet’s accessories, such as collars, jackets, beds, and harnesses, with tick repellent. This will prevent ticks from climbing onto them. 

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