LVT flooring  is an innovative and versatile product engineered with characteristics that provide aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. LVT flooring can be installed over pre-existing floors, while also working well in high traffic areas where elevated pedestrian traffic is anticipated. It is easy to install, durable and versatile with a range of colors and patterns that are sure to complement any home or business. LVT Flooring is the perfect waterproof solution for your home.

LVT flooring is a special combination of PVC core with a thin layer of fabric, woven into interlocking matting that feels like carpet – but is much stronger and more reliable. Floor Skirting is a great way to add color, character and style to your flooring. LVT Flooring products are all made with 100% recycled rubber and have been proven to be the most durable flooring ever. LVT Flooring is the natural choice for floor skirting, if you want to replace your traditional timber or plastic skirting with a higher-quality LVT option. LVT skirting has gained a reputation for being fireproof, long lasting and versatile.

LVT Flooring Mystery:

LVT is a term used to identify a specific type of synthetic rubber (acrylic) flooring material with a number of varied qualities and characteristics. LVT offers the benefits of modern materials in terms of its durability, low maintenance and environmentally friendly properties. The self colored, resin LVT brings a new dimension to flooring with its rich color and depth of texture, which offers you the unique opportunity to create your own unique style. LVT flooring is a low-maintenance and cost-effective material for most types of floors. You can easily install your LVT flooring with little or no preparation just lay it down and treats it like normal tile. And there’s no cleanup required afterward so you can enjoy your new floor in just two to three weeks.  LVT flooring has been used for years. It is a very popular material for many reasons, but one of the really big reasons is the way it looks in kitchens and bathrooms where people want to do little things that make it look like marble but is trying not to spend a lot of money on real marble.

Easy Fix For Your LVT Flooring:

This skirting kit is easy to install and includes all the hardware you need. The floor skirting kit is your solution for a complete LVT replacement of your old floor. This easy fix for your LVT flooring will give you the look of hardwood without the extra hassle. Simply drop in the skirting and a professional installer does all the work for you. No more fixing damaged floors. You get what you pay for. But not with our LVT flooring! You know you’ve found the best, wood-look LVT planks when they are easy to install and look beautiful for a long time.

Our floor skirting is made from the same wood-like wood composite material you see in your home, but it is basically thin plywood laminated onto a membrane to create the LVT look. This gives the skirting strength and durability without sacrificing stability against moisture, insects and stains. Our floor skirting is made to match our LVT flooring and cedar wood floors. They are easy to install with a black carpet tape, staple gun and hammer. All our skirting comes in standard lengths starting at 200mm and up to 500mm depending on the interior size of your home.