Mark Roemer Oakland Explores Details to Think About When Creating Pool Designs



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you can add lighting, exquisite landscaping, water features, and other things to adorn your stunning swimming pool and make a killer backyard. However, the design of the swimming pool is paramount and deserves the most attention. Let’s check out the details to think about when creating pool designs.

The Details

  1. Purpose of the pool – You need to figure out how you’d use your pool before you start designing it. Is it for exercise? Is it for entertainment? Would you use it for family recreation or simply for relaxing after a long and difficult day? Does your pool need ramps? DO you want your pool to be shaded or be basked under the sun at all times? 

Answering all those questions would help you define the purpose of your pool. It will help you give the shape to your design. You’ll also need to think about how the pool looks from outside and inside your home. You need to design the pool in such a way that it perfectly blends with the exterior of your home. 

  1. Restrictions – Once you have defined the purpose of your pool, it’s time to think about the factors that may limit your vision. Look into the local codes and bylaws along with your property’s location. For instance, certain cities may require you to build a tall 5-inch pool fence. Or, some HOAs may restrict the shape and size of the pool you can build in your backyard. 

Figure out if there are any sensitive natural areas near your home. Inspect the drainage in your yard and figure out the sunlight exposure across the pool area. Your property may also offer you certain unique opportunities and challenges. You may want to retain certain trees and shrubs that may create setbacks for the design or have a sloping yard that may provide a certain advantage.

  1. Budget – When you’re designing the pool it’s important to come up with a budget as soon as possible. Money is always going to be the biggest restriction that prevents you from building an absurd yet extremely luxurious pool. When you have a set budget, you understand the restrictions and adjust the design of the pool to make it more feasible. If you’re confused about it, you may hire the services of a pool contractor who can inspect the property, take your design and tell you what’s possible and what needs to be eliminated. 
  2. Sketch – Sketch out a layout of your backyard. It doesn’t need to win prizes. It just needs to give you a concrete idea about the pool and inspire you to add certain features or alert you about design changes. Once you have a rough plan, you are ready to hire a contract and come up with a concrete construction plan. 


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you keep the above-mentioned details in mind while designing your swimming pool. You also need to leave sufficient room in your design for adding other features later on.


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