A quilt consists of a front and back fabric plus cushy batting in the center. Quilting refers to the stitches that hold a quilt together. It is generally made of three layers including a pieced fabric top, a middle batting layer, and a fabric backing layer. It is embroidered throughout in a pattern to make pockets that trap additional heat. These three layers are usually stitched or tied together to form the quilt by either tying with yarn or by sewing the layers together in a pattern. This is then done over the entire quilt, after which binding is added around the entire quilt to finish the look. 

Sometimes a layer of cotton, wool, polyester, or a mixture which can also include silk, Tencel, or bamboo is used to provide additional warmth to the person using the quilt.  The best choice is the one that has the weight, thickness, and durability which you prefer. 

The prime usage of a quilt is to cover the body during the winter season just like blankets; apart from that, quilts can be used for home décor, as picnic blankets as well as decorative covering for tables and furniture. Modern quilts are not always intended for use as bedding and may be used as wall hangings, table runners, or tablecloths. In addition to being beautiful, quilts last longer than blankets because they are so well made. 

The variety of colors used in a quilt can also add color to an otherwise drab room. A single warm quilt is better than two blankets and just as warm. They’re very warm and the soft cloth covering is much nicer be to snuggle into than just a blanket. They seem to hold your body heat better also and they aren’t itchy like woolen blankets.

Every quilt tells a story

Properly made quilts require planning, a good sense of design, and hours and hours of stitching whether it is hand or machine. Good quilts are works of art; they have a full seam allowance, so the pieces don’t separate. There is a ton of expertise, skill, and knowledge in putting together and crafting, and quilting a quilt. A small simple patterned quilt can still take many hours to make from start to finish, and a larger, more complicated pattern, can take hundreds of hours to make. Quilting is a very precise process that cannot be rushed. In order for a quilt to turn out well, the fabric used must be of good quality; it should be washed, ironed, squared up, and made colorfast.

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