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Practical Garden Designs That Will Improve Your Property  


Garden space isn’t solely for admiring and our outdoor areas actually have the potential to improve our quality of life at home. While there is certainly an advantage to having a beautiful outdoor space, especially during the summer as we choose to spend a greater amount of time outdoors, to choose a garden’s design that consists solely of flowers and ponds is to make less than ideal use of your property.

There are many ways a garden can practically benefit a home and today we’re sharing some of the best designs that can improve your way of living, whether you’re looking to improve your wellbeing, lower your carbon footprint, or start a new business.

Growing One’s Own


Perhaps the most popular way of making use of one’s garden is to grow food. Our outdoor spaces, from the large lawns to the tiny balconies, are each a potential for produce, whether that is a handful of herbs or a harvest of summer vegetables.

If your garden isn’t already producing fruits and vegetables for your home, it might be worth considering, especially as the cost of living increases. Even those without much garden experience will generally find success with growing bags or a simple raised bed, and soon find themselves growing more than they can suitably eat!

A Space For Wellbeing

If you have an interest in developing your wellbeing, such as through the practice of yoga, tai chi, or even meditation, a garden can become the ideal place to create a private and serene environment that is conducive to balance.

Even those who do not wish to dedicate their entire garden spaces to wellness can still carve out a tranquil spot for themselves with the use of dividers. Hedges and shrubs work particularly well, as do artificial barriers, especially those made from natural resources.

A Spot Indoors

Constructing log cabins in residential gardens has become a popular endeavour across the country as many more households realise the potential utility and luxury that arises from having their very own outbuilding space.

For some, the structures become spaces of relaxation and entertainment, whereas, for others, they become centres of productivity, hosting remote office environments or even a project space. The versatility of such outbuildings and their design also lends itself well to property value, with many seeing them as a blank canvas for their own creativity.

Sustainable Endeavours

For many, the reduction of a carbon footprint begins at home and gardens are an excellent way to achieve this. Their design can be conducive to sustainability and the local ecology. Wildflower patches support local pollinators, bird and bat boxes offer homes to wildlife, compost systems reduce food waste and enrich soil, while solar panels improve a home’s energy efficiency.

Even if a homeowner is seeking to make their garden an entirely aesthetic space, there are a number of ways it can become environmentally beneficial and stylish. Preventing the use of chemicals, encouraging a small amount of wild growth, and reducing the frequency of mowing all help to create a stunning and healthy natural space.


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