Air conditioning units can experience all sorts of different problems, and homeowners need to be vigilant when it comes to addressing AC issues as quickly as possible. AC malfunctions tend to only get worse with time, so neglecting small problems will almost always lead to even more expensive projects! 

We’ve teamed up with the air conditioner repair specialists at Beehive Heating & Air to develop this list of warning signs that can help homeowners when they’re in the early stages of AC malfunctioning.

So here are the AC repair warning signs that you NEED to recognize: 

Your Air Conditioner Is Simply Getting Outdated

The hard truth for a lot of homeowners is that they have very old air conditioning systems, and most older systems need to be at least maintained on a yearly basis. When older systems are neglected (which happens quite often), repairs become more common. 

It’s always best to avoid an AC replacement with a repair job, because repairs can often prolong your unit’s lifetime and are always the more affordable option. 

Your AC System Has Weak Airflow 

A good homeowner tip is to put your hand in front of all of your air vents every now and again, because doing this will help you know when you potentially have weak airflow. 

Weak AC airflows are often connected to clogged filters, as well as damaged motors. Although you can likely clean everything out first on your own, you’ll always need an expert for a motor replacement or repair. 

Your AC System Blows Out Warm Air 

This is always a frustrating warning sign, especially in the heat of the summer when you’re counting on your AC for indoor comfort. You should never have warm air come out of your air conditioner, and this dilemma is typically connected to compressor malfunctions. 

An HVAC technician will be needed for a full inspection of your system when this type of problem is occurring, and they’ll let you know if it’s the compressor or another issue associated with your system’s thermostat. 

Your Air Conditioner Smells Badly 

If musty smells are coming from your air conditioner, then you’re definitely going to need professional help. This type of problem is often connected to mold development within a home’s air ducts, which of course can be very dangerous in terms of indoor air quality and respiratory ailments. 

When you smell burning odors, it’s a serious warning sign that’ll necessitate an immediate shut down of your entire AC system. This is because burning smells are often connected to electrical issues (which can lead to a fire). 

Your AC Unit Is Leaking 

It’s never good to find pools of water around your AC unit, and this type of warning sign can be connected to a lot of different repairs. Some common issues include: 

  • Damaged drain pan
  • Dirty filter
  • Drain line clogs
  • Frozen coils
  • Low refrigerant 

Always be sure to call your HVAC team when you see a leak, because putting off these issues will only make matters much worse soon enough! 

Your House Has Uneven Cooling 

If you’re noticing how certain rooms in your home are typically colder than other rooms, then it could mean there’s a ductwork clog that’s building up debris in some of your home’s vents. 

Although a thorough vent cleaning can often address this issue, it could also be that your issues are deriving from much deeper into your AC system. 

Your AC System Cycles Too Frequently 

Another common issue that AC systems experience is frequent cycling, which can lead to incessant running and higher energy bills. When air conditioners don’t turn off enough, it’s usually connected to airflow issues. 

Reach Out To Your Local HVAC Team When You Need An Air Conditioner Repair At Your House! 

It’s always a bummer when your home’s AC system is on the fritz, but having experienced specialists close by can make a huge difference when you know something is up. 

So be sure to reach out to your HVAC guys when you need an air conditioner repair at your property this spring and summer!