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Types of Pipes used for Stormwater Drainage



The storm drainage system is a network of underground pipes that carries stormwater to lakes, streams and ponds. The drainage system is essential as it prevents water from clogging in areas with high rainfall but poor drainage. Draining water into such structures is also necessary as it helps store water for future use. Rainfall may be increased in one season, and the following season, water is scarce. All Day Plumbing offers variety of pipes for draining the water.

There are different stormwater drainage pipes available. The difference may come from the materials used in making the pipes and the different features. I this article, I have explained the different types of stormwater drainage pipes you can consider buying.

Plastic Drainage Pipes

Plastic drainage pipes are mainly used to move water and other liquids from one place to the other. These pipes are also available in different strengths. The quality and features you are looking for will drive you to choose the right one to cater to your needs. Each of the pipes has its purpose. The different types of plastic drainage pipes are explained below.

  • Weather Resilient

These pipes are resilient to all weather conditions, excluding extreme weather conditions. Plastic lines are most preferred for transporting water and other liquids because they are readily available and are versatile. They are also lightweight and easy to use for installation. The plastic pipes come in different types and sizes. They are, therefore, capable of holding other volumes of water depending on the diameter. It would help if you chose the pipes depending on the water you want to transport.

  • Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe

These types of stream water drainage pipes are the strongest. They are made from polyethylene of high density. They have smooth inner walls and a corrugated exterior wall. They are almost equal in strength to concrete pipes, although much lighter in weight and easy to cut.

These types of pipes are mostly preferred where high strength is required. The corrugated pipes are economical because of their high durability. Their price is relatively lower than the concrete pipes. It can be used where trucks drive over the area while the pipe is underground. Due to their lightweight, they do not require heavy lifting machines and even transporting them is cheap. You can get this pipe from All Day Plumbing.

  • Sewer Main Pipe

These pipes are mainly used for municipal sewer systems but can also be used for other applications. They are most preferred in stormwater management, where the contractor would want to have a pipe with a smooth inner and outer wall. The most commonly used pipe if of 4 inches in size.

  • Corrugated Flexible Drainage Pipes

It is the type of pipe that is most cost-effective. It has low wall strength, and that makes it to be the most flexible pipe. It is most commonly used in a French drain, a perforated pipe version. It also has other uses, which include retaining wall drainage. The pipe’s flexibility makes it easier to make many turns without using many fittings.


Stormwater management is critical as it helps drain water from areas prone to floods and stores water for future use. Suppose you are still wondering which type of pipe to use in your system. The list above can help you make the right choice. For more types of pipe, you can contact All Day Plumbing.


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