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Rat Glue Traps: All You Need To Know


Glue traps (also known as sticky traps or glue boards) have benefits and drawbacks. They’re harmless, cheap, and do not need any mechanical aids to use. They’re practical and easy to use. Thus, they are recommended by pest control wholesale shops. 

One drawback of a rat glue trap is that glue traps do not cause an instantaneous death of the mouse, unlike the snap traps. When the mouse gets caught in a glue trap, it tries to release itself and, in the process, lands up further, getting entangled. When the mouse’s face entangles in the adhesive, it suffers from suffocation and death. However, the mouse may struggle and squeal for a while before he dies.

How To Install Glue Traps?

Glue traps are used in the same manner as other rodent traps. Place the adhesive boards in a way parallel to the wall in regions where you’ve noticed mouse activity; Mice tend to follow edges and the intersections of wall/floor. Ensure that the glue trap is placed directly amid their everyday runway, forcing them to tread on it. The glue traps must be placed at locations where you’ve noticed nesting material, mouse dropping, or nibble damages on the walls. Glue traps should not be placed near an open flame section like a water heater etc., or in other hot areas where the glue may get liquidated and flow off. If you’re having trouble getting decent results, try putting a small amount of food in the middle of the glue trap.

Pest control wholesale shops will advise you not to put glue traps in areas where your kids or animals could be exposed to them. This may limit the places where the glue trap can be placed. Please place them in cardboard or plastic stations to prevent humans or dogs from becoming stuck on glue traps. You can also cover the pitfalls with something to keep kids and pets out. A bait station can also be used to keep the glue trap protected from dust and moisture while keeping it hidden from kids and pets.

If your kid or pet gets stuck in a glue trap, the situation can quickly escalate from hilarious to frightening. The more they try to get out of the rat glue trap, the more the kids and pets may get stuck in the web. Under such circumstances, the first thing you should do is ensure that your kids or pet remain calm and maintain their composure. They can be removed from the glue with cooking oil, canola oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, whatever you have on hand. The alternatives to vegetable oil are baby oil, mineral oil, or peanut butter. Pull the trap away from the human or pet cautiously. To dissolve the adhesive, Dab some peanut butter on the glue and allow it to rest for a few minutes. Following this, you must massage the area with a dry towel to loosen the adhesive. If necessary, repeat the process and then wash the section with water and soap.

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