Wood is one of the prime components in civil buildings, especially in Quebec. Different types of wood are available in the market. The difference lies in the quality, appearance, and cost of the wood. There are also wood types that are a mix of more than one species, for instance, Spec Wood spf low grade

So, what is SPF wood?

SPF stands for spruce, pine, and fir. These woods are used for homes and commercial constructions. 

Sometimes, SPF wood is also used in making furniture. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio. At the same time, it is also affordable, which makes it an attractive choice. 

It is also available in different grades. You can choose any option as per your budget.

Desirable properties of SPF wood 

Some of the properties that make SPF wood so popular are given below:

  1. It has a bright appearance.
  2. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio
  3. It absorbs paint well.
  4. It has high tensile strength.
  5. It has excellent nail-holding properties.

SPF wood has many other exceptional properties that make it a preferred choice among home builders. 

Additional Uses of SPF Wood 

Due to its appearance, SPF wood is a suitable candidate for interior finishing works. It is also commonly used in the furniture industry. You can also use SPF wood for a house, roof, and door framing. 

In comparison with other wood choices, Cedar is also a popular choice due to its durability. Cedar is also resistant to extreme weather conditions. 

It can absorb the stain well and stay sturdy for a long time. But, cedar is also one of the most expensive woods available in the market. Compared to cedar, SPF is slightly inferior. However, for a budget buyer, SPF wood is a better choice. 

SPF v/s SPFs

Some of you might have noticed these two different acronyms. The “s” indicates that the lumber comes from logs in the USA. Whereas, SPF wood is of Canadian origin. 

So, why should one choose SPF wood over others? 

Well, if you are looking for wood with a limited budget while having high-stress resistance, SPF is your go-to choice. 

Good quality SPF wood lumber is available online. You can check out the preferred sizes from the online charts. 

Summing Up:

The key factors to keep in mind will be the quality of the wood, durability, and its cost. So, do thorough research on different wood materials and then choose the wood that’s most suitable for your construction work.