We all know that plenty of devices will start to establish troubles if they have not been used in a while, from a vehicle to a lawnmower being in a garage. But what regarding an air conditioner? Does anything bad take place if your AC unit isn’t utilized for 3-4 months or longer?

Amongst the only problems that influence your extra AC is an accumulation of dust in your system or a buildup of particles outside.

If you’re ready to activate your air conditioner after it’s been sitting duck for a few months, here are steps to take first:

  • Stroll outside as well as have a look at your compressor unit: Are weeds expanding on or into it? Any debris built up around it? Or anything else that could be obstructing it, like squirrel or bird’s nests? Get rid of the debris before continuing. Stay clear of opening your device. If you require the inner elements checked, you must think about calling a professional AC specialist.
  • Are you carrying on maintenance: Air conditioners need to be preserved by an expert at least yearly, two times a year in extreme settings. If you did not have maintenance done last season, have it done prior to you starting it up. Register for an air conditioning maintenance plan with licensed contractors.
  • Run your AC in fan mode: Before transforming it to cool down, switch your thermostat to a fan setting and let it blow for at least 10 minutes. This will help guarantee you have cleaned up dust and particles out of the system before you transform it on “cool.” Dirt buildup can make it difficult for your air conditioner to circulate quality air.
  • Tidy or change your filters: If you have an indoor system, tidy as well as completely dry, or replace, your air filters. Letting your filters obtain uncleanly can cause troubles with your AC, as well as your fan or compressor might fail prematurely.
  • Search for refrigerant leaks: Refrigerant leaks can drastically affect the performance of your AC. They can occur in a couple of different locations, including the compressor, as well as evaporator coils. They can considerably get worse and need to be fixed as quickly as you can.