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Why is house inspection important before sale or purchase?


Most people see a house as a potential asset that can be liquidated at any time. This is true in most cases, but what people do not realize is the fact that your house is only as good as its present condition. Only after listing the property in the open real estate market do you realize the actual scenario.

Most of the buyers prefer to get the house inspected before purchase. A pre-purchase inspection of your house from the buyer is not beneficial for your profit. This is why reputed inspection agencies like Homa condo inspection have efficient and effective pre-sale inspections to determine the condition of your house.

Getting your house inspected before the sale of the property is a good option. This can save you a lot of money, time, and effort. Some of the main types of inspection methods are:

  • Pre-sale inspection
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Air quality check
  • Pyrite inspection

A pre-sale inspection is done by the owner of the house before listing the property in the real estate market. This will help in establishing the actual value of the property. If only minor repair and maintenance needs to be done on the house, most owners get this done and re-evaluate the property. This can help in considerably shooting the selling price of the house.

If major repair and reconstruction need to be undertaken, then most of the owners let it be. Then a price depending on the actual condition of the house is determined and listed.

A pre-purchase inspection is done by the buyer after selecting the house of his expectation. Before paying any money or transfer of ownership is done, the buyer gets the house inspected to establish the quality of the house. This inspection ensures that the house has every feature and required structural strength as promised and that your investment is not wasted.

Air quality check is carried out before the house is purchased to ensure the quality of air in and around the house. Sometimes the house for sale might not have been in use for a long time or the ventilation of the house might be compromised. In that case, the quality of air will be in poor condition and this might affect the health of the people living in it.

In short, inspecting the house for sale is a mandatory step before a transaction is made.

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