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Difference Between Iron Entry Doors & Wrought Iron Doors


The front door sets the tone for your home’s interior design. It’s telling of your personality as a homeowner. So your decision should be well-thought-out.

But choosing an entry door for your house can be overwhelming. There are many options available. While iron doors are timelessly classic, there’s a difference between an iron entry door and a wrought iron door.

Many people don’t understand the difference between both doors and often make a mistake in their decision. This post will compare iron entry doors and wrought iron doors, but if you’re looking for a particular entry door, Pinky’s Iron Doors is the answer to your prayers!

What’s Iron Entry Door?

It’s exactly what the name suggests – an iron door that offers entry into your home. Iron entry doors typically function as front doors to your house.

Sealed and insulated, this type of door opens inside the house, paving the way for visitors inside your home. The design adds to the aesthetics of your home.

What’s Wrought Iron Door?

To simply put, a wrought iron door is a storm door or screen door. Some may come equipped with a screen divider, while others are installed to fit outside your entry door.

Unlike the iron entry door that opens inside, wrought iron doors open out to the entryway of your house.This serves as an extra layer to your home’s entrance.

The Benefits of Iron Entry Doors

Great Investment

Although front doors made out of iron can be expensive, iron entry doors are a great investment for any homeowner. Unlike wooden doors and their upkeep, iron entry doors can last longer.

Versatile & Classy

Iron doors add versatility to the look of your house. Not only do they beautify the curb appeal of your house, but you can also choose unique statement-making iron doors for other parts of your home.

For instance, an iron door can make a style statement for your wine cellar or pantry. Their popularity has increased multi-folds for commercial spaces due to the classic look they add to a space.

Wrought Iron Doors – A Tale of Variety

Many interior and exterior home décor enthusiasts share the same sentiments for wrought iron doors. These doors offer a wide variety to choose from, including the type of door, style, design, and accessories.

Explore the diversity of designing options these doors offer:

Types of Doors

This is the first step to designing a front door. Ask yourself the type of door you want to manifest for your home. For limited spaces, there are single doors, but you can have grand double doors if space is not the problem for you.

Or think outside the box by Frenching up your entryway with French doors as an exterior door for your house. You can also save space by replacing your exterior doors with sliding doors.

Style and Design

Another unique feature of the wrought iron entry door is the diverse style and design options. You can tap into your inner artist by coming up with an architectural genius idea for your entry door.

There’s a range of bars, traditional and modern styles, geometric flair and designs for wrought iron doors. Similarly, you can pick a simpler look to go with your iron entry door or add a bolder look with unique themes, including artistic swirls or desert themes.

The canvas is yours to experiment with!

Entry Door Accessories

Why limit your horizon to a bland-looking entryway when you can accessorize it?

Door accessories like lights, plants, handles and other hardware can spruce up your iron entry door and compliment the wrought iron door.

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Glass Addition

To revamp the curb appeal of your house, you can choose a glass panel or additional screen to go with your entry door. Be it an open pane to let in airflow or a close one, and it’s sure to add some flare to your front door design.

You can also choose a metal screen for your iron door to keep unwanted objects like dirt from entering your home.

Finishing Options

Many people may not know this, but how you finish your front door makes a huge difference to the visible appeal of your house. Whether you use glass or paint to finish the door, it should complement the frame’s design.

The most popular finishes among homeowners include matte black, but if you’re the rebellious one, you can choose silver, bronze or gold tones for your iron door with textured or clear finishes.

Whether you’re looking for a wrought iron door or iron entry door in Texas, Pinky’s Iron Doors is your go-to place. As a door design and manufacturing company with 42 years of experience, Pinky’s Iron Doors has a team of fine artisans, designers and ironworkers who can take on the project. The company also specializes in steel sliding doors, iron patio doors and interior doors. Contact the company or visit their page for inspiration.

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The author works as a door designer, and their designed doors can be found in Pinky’s Iron Doors’ collection. They’ve been working in the industry for over ten years and love to write about different ways to increase curb appeal.

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