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Follow these 5 tips to be a granite expert in kitchen countertops!


Are you confused or frustrated in finding the right granite for your kitchen countertop? Don’t worry; it is okay to be confused when you have oodles of options to choose from. Even designers get confused in choosing the right granite sometimes while kitchen remodeling. They take guidance from online designs or discussing directly with the manufacturer.

Experienced designers like from comptoir Casa Granite bring vast experience in granite selection. Thus, they are most preferred during kitchen remodeling. Our article will help you become a granite expert by following essential basics of understanding the selection process.

5 tips to be a granite selection expert for kitchen:

  1. Research online: Online research helps in understanding about granites. Web is full of information on different types of granites. A few most commonly preferred are black, green, grey, white, beige, etc… Other than these, patterns play an essential role in granite selection. Learn about the various patterns that suit different kitchen styles. Sold, marbled, speckled, busy, etc… are some patterns to consider.
  2. Learn about the brands: Research about the brands. Look for reliable manufactures and brands in granite. If you want a perfect kitchen countertop, you must first understand your taste, preference, budget, and brand before finalizing kitchen granite for the countertop.
  3. Experiment with the types and pairs: You must experiment with a few designs to understand what suits best for the kitchen. Various software and apps can help you design your kitchen countertop with help of kitchen images and granite options available in the software.
  4. Understand your kitchen interiors: While choosing granite countertops, it is essential that you first understand your kitchen interiors. Inspect your kitchen, check the dimensions and size, understand the color combinations, and seek support from a designer if you have to. Designers are experienced professionals and they know where you can find the best kitchen granite for your countertop.
  5. Match the samples: Click or save a few pictures of the granite preferred by you. You may also ask for some sample pieces from the manufactures. Most brands offer sample pieces to the customer so that they can check how granites look in their kitchen top. Match these samples with your kitchen design and see how these look on your kitchen.

Look for brands like comptoir Casa Granite to choose from oodles of options in granite.

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