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The main function of the door mat is to keep away dirt and dust. They protect your flooring from the moisture and grime that can enter your home through your shoes. They provide both aesthetic and functional purpose. They provide a perfect entrance for your home. Always try to invest in a good quality door mat as it will save the amount of time you spend in cleaning them. Ideally, you need two door mats, first one should be a scraper mat that removes the dirt and grime from your shoes and the other should be an absorbent mat that absorbs excess moisture from your shoes. You can place one mat outside and the other one inside.


A big size mat is a perfect choice. If your mat is too small then people will mostly walk straight by scraping only one foot and the next one will land on the floor directly. A big mat will be a good reminder for your guest to tell them that they need to wipe their shoes before entering and it will be the first thing noticed by them. You can even turn your mat from landscape to portrait position.


Never think that a long thicker pile is always better. Shorter pile mats have a tendency to remove dirt more effectively because of firmer brushing action. Also you need to check the clearance of your door if it is opening or not.


Outdoor (exposed to elements):

Outdoor mats are designed with a backing that let the excessive moisture run through it. Lifespan of your mat can be reduced due to the bubbling effect of moisture staying in your mat. Printed patterns will have a short lifespan if placed outside while they will last long if they are placed inside.

The best choices for outdoor mats include:

  • Standard size coir mats with woven backing
  • Traditional hand stitched coir mats
  • Rubber door mats

Outdoor (under shelter)

The shelter will provide protection from outdoor elements and a printed design will work here. If there is no risk of rain then mats with PVC backing can be used.

The best choices include:

  • Hand stitched coir with woven backing
  • Standard size coir mats
  • Rubber door mats


All the above mentioned mats can be used indoors even with PVC backing. Your floor will remain cleaner if your indoor mat absorber mat is followed by an outdoor scraper mat.

Scraper mats:

Scraper mats can be fun to install as they can be customized with a message or even a logo.

Absorber mats:

These mats are machine washable and come in varieties of colors and sizes to suit everyone’s requirement. A cotton pile mat is super absorbent and soaks up moisture perfectly. They can be washed in a machine but with a carpet cleaner they will stay long.

The same mats can be used for your front doors or double doors. Extra-large mats are also easily available in the market.

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