Your one-stop guide for buying dining table chairs in 2021


The dining room is one of the most iconic places in the house, where family and friends gather around the table. Chairs are the protagonists and bring personality and comfort to the environment and to those who use them. Choosing a good set of chairs for the dining table depends on a few factors. Check out our guide for dining table chairs and choose yours.

Single Chairs or Sets? 

When talking about chairs for the dining table, it is necessary to think about the quantity. It will depend on the number of seats at your table. You can find separate chairs and sets of two, four, six, and up to eight units of the same model. Instead of buying same model and color, you can get creative and buy same model with different colors. Alternatively, you can buy different model of Wicker Dining Chairs to set up your room with personality.

Here are the styles

The first thing we see in an object is its look. Each style of chair will compose a certain type of environment and will match certain objects. We can divide the chairs into –

  • Natural: defines chairs made with natural raw materials, mainly wood and straw.
  • Traditional: a style that includes chairs with classic shapes with a simple seat and back.
  • Industrial: have well-defined lines and are made of steel.
  • Modern: it is the most current. These chairs can have unusual shapes and materials and in different colors.

You can combine styles to bring contrast or follow a single line across the room, and it suits your taste and purpose.

Structure must be durable and seat comfortable

Another important factor when buying chairs for your dining table is the material. It first needs to be comfortable and durable. Comfort depends on the shape of the seat and the material used. Durability will depend on the rigidity and quality of the structure’s material, and on its day-to-day use. Steel and wicker are very durable options.

Check armrests and backrest shape

Most models of dining table chairs do not have armrests. It is because it is easier to fit them under the table and save space. However, the armrests add some comfort. Another comfort aspect is the footrests. However, it is practically a valid option for bar stools. Residential dining chairs do not have footrests. Note that the backrest goes all the way to the top of the back accommodates the back well.

View chair dimensions for best table fit

When arranging the chairs next to the dining table, it is important to note some measurements. Most tables are about 75 cm high. Thus, the seat of the chair should be about 50 cm from the floor, so that you seat comfortably in relation to the height of the table. When thinking about width, it is always good to measure the space available for each chair around the table. On average, chairs are usually between 45 and 60 cm across the seat. Nevertheless, consider 70 cm space per person at the table. Be sure to check the weight. Most of them will range between 90 and 150 kg supported.


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