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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair Service


Water heaters play a vital role in our everyday activities. From washing the dishes up to bathing, warm water is essential to fulfilling our daily needs. As the winter season comes, a water heater supplies the volume of hot water needed to survive the chills of the weather.

However, water heating devices are not invincible. A day will come when you would call the nearest residential plumbing services as your water heater is not functioning as it should be. Yet, when is the perfect time to do that?

These are the indications that your water heater already needs repair:

Hot water runs out too fast

Water heaters can store gallons upon gallons of hot water inside it. The device keeps the water hot and ready for usage anytime with its two heating elements found at the tank’s bottom and top.


Suppose your hot water reservoir runs out of warm water supply, one of the heating elements malfunctions or does not work correctly. Thus, requiring a professional plumber intervention. The worst possible scenario could be a sudden water heater installation.

Weird noises off the tank

A tank with a noise that sounds like it would burst is typical. Yet, be alarmed if the noise turns loud, cracking, banging, or popping in your hearing.

Such happens when a large mineral deposit accumulates inside the water heater. Another reason to check is the device’s dip tube. If it is broken, hot and cold water is mixing. Call a plumber once you observe this sign, as continuous noise can weaken the structure and cause leaks. 


Corrosion often indicates that you should purchase a new water heater unit. Clear evidence is the rust on the outside of the device, or the water produced has discoloration.

You are lucky if the problem is only partial as it costs less. Most residents solve the issue by replacing the heat exchanger and rusty parts.

Take the initiative for its regular maintenance and cleaning with guidance coming from a trusted plumbing business to prolong the life of your water heating system.

Ask inquiries to Henry Plumbing Services by visiting our website, setting an appointment via our contact page, or calling us at (941) 661-7398 from 8 am-6 pm every Monday to Friday for more information.


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