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How to Maintain your New Roof  


Roof repair or roof replacement is an expensive expense that not everyone can afford. However, new homeowners may be unfamiliar with roof maintenance.

It’s possible to catch problems early by spending a little more time on roof maintenance. There are many ways to keep your roof healthy.

What to look for

Keep your eyes peeled in order to spot any missing or potentially damaged shingles. Regularly cleaning shingles will help reduce the growth of mold and other fungal elements which can cause damage to your roof’s structural integrity.

When necessary, remove and replace roof sealant. Examine the areas of your roof that show signs of wear or cracking.

Inspect the trees around your roof to identify any branches that might pose a problem for your gutter system. Mother Nature is not always kind to roofs; shingles become loose and unable to be removed. Regular inspections of your roof by qualified professionals are a great way for you to catch problems before they become serious.

While some people may like the look of an ice dam, or think it’s a reminder about holidays, they can be a threat to a roof. They can strain your entire roof system as they grow over time and contract. It can be costly to repair roof damage caused by an ice dam. To reduce roof development, it is important to maintain your roof at the same temperature as the outside environment.

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